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January 31, 2017
Dan Fitzgibbons, Minneapolis, MN

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Dan Fitzgibbons, Minneapolis Businessman, Gives Back

November 20, 2016
As far as Dan Fitzgibbons is concerned, Minneapolis is home. The entire community that has become a major priority in his life. Community and family have always been important to Dan, at least since he was the youngest of five growing up in Fargo, North Dakota. He began his post-secondary educational journey at North Dakota State, but he soon transferred just over the state line to Moorhead State University in Minnesota, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration.

Over the last 25 years, Dan Fitzgibbons has developed a strong expertise in the business of computer storage systems and he has done very well. He has worked his way up to his current role as Data Protection Business Manager for the Minneapolis office of EMC Corporation. He is definitely one of the best in the tech community, but he also wants to be seen as one of the best in the overall Minneapolis community, as well. Because Minneapolis is home now, Dan Fitzgibbons, wants to see it become the best community everywhere. He works hard with numerous charities in the area, including Loaves and Fishes, a massive program for the poor that served more than 460,000 nutritious, hot meals in 2015, to people who may not have eaten otherwise. Living there with his wife and two kids, Dan wants his community to do as well as he has, if not even better.

The Education of MN Resident Dan Fitzgibbons

August 21, 2016
After finishing High School, Dan Fitzgibbons started his college career at North Dakota State University in Fargo. After earning some credits there, he transferred to Moorhead State University in Fargo’s twin city of Moorhead, Minnesota. Once he reached MN, he knew he was home. In 1992, he graduated from MSU with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration in 1992. And shortly after that, Dan Fitzgibbons decided to begin a family of his own. As a child of five children, family was always something that he wanted and in 1994, he married his wife, Paige. Together, they now have two children, Jack and Grace. They currently call Minneapolis, MN home and enjoy spending time together as a family.

Dan Fitzgibbons: Making Minnesota Better

May 20, 2016
Dan Fitzgibbons is perhaps best-known for his position as the Data Protection Business Manager for the Minneapolis, Minnesota office of EMC Corporation, a prominent international tech company. However, like most successful people, there is a lot more to Dan than making money and selling data storage systems.

Family and community have always occupied a prominent role in Dan Fitzgibbons’ life, from the time he was the youngest of five children growing up in Fargo, North Dakota. That’s where he attended grade school at Holy Spirit School and Shanley High School, where he was active in drama and the Sandpebbles singing group when he wasn’t playing football, golf, and intramural hockey. He continued his education with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration from Moorhead State University in Minnesota.

These days, Dan is married and has two children and he calls the Greater Minneapolis Area home. He loves the Twin Cities so much that he tries hard to give back when possible, so he spends a lot of his time working with local charities. Partnering with Dress for Success Twin Cities, he helped to increase the economic independence of women through empowerment by making sure they could dress properly for a good job. He also helps to feed the poor through his support of Loaves and Fishes, a program that served more than 460,000 hot meals to the hungry in 2015 and Allan Law’s 363 Days Food Program, which works with hundreds of community groups and thousands of volunteers to distribute hundreds of thousands of sandwiches to the hungry and homeless.

With more than 25 years of experience in the technology field, it’s obvious that Dan Fitzgibbons is a great businessman. But there is a lot more to him than that.

EMC Corporation

February 24, 2016
Since 2006, Dan Fitzgibbons has worked with EMC Corporation, a Hopkinton, Massachusetts-based company with a multinational reach, specializing in computer storage. From 2006 through 2014, Fitzgibbons served as a Senior Account Executive with the company before moving into the position of Data Protection Business Manager. EMC Corporation was founded in 1979 by Richard Egan and and Roger Marino. Fitzgibbons is among more than 70,000 global employees for the global public company with a reported 2016 revenue thus far of $24+ billion. EMC Corporation’s work in technology extends to analytics, cloud services, information security systems and a multitude of other services that provide businesses options for data management, storage and protection. Since 2001, Joseph M. Tucci has filled EMC Corporation’s CEO role as well as president and chairman of the board of directors. Most recently, the company received recognition in the No. 2 spot on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Computer Companies” listing, achieving the designation for the fifth consecutive year. To EMC Corporation, Fitzgibbons currently brings more than 20 years of technology and technology sales experience, including a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Administration from Moorhead State University in Moorhead, Minnesota. Fitzgibbons currently works for the worldwide corporation from the Greater Minneapolis Area.